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R75 Branch Members Please Note The Following:

GMB have seen an increase in disciplinary and dismissals as a result of social networking internet sites.  Many of our members think that as their facebook and twitter accounts are personal, what they do with them has no affect on their employment. This is incorrect!  GMB advises all of its members not to discuss anything regarding your company, workplace or colleagues on any internet site. If your employer sees you have written anything regarding any of these you may be subject to disciplinary action. Also remember when posting on social networking sites the time and date are recorded at the time of the post so do not get caught out whilst posting on duty or during your working hours.  If the company believe your words to be of bringing the company into disrepute, your actions can be gross misconduct and lead to your dismissal.

Remember, social networking sites can be accessed by anyone and therefore be aware of what information you disclose.

Posted: 11th September 2016

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