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Workplace Union Reps

GMB Workplace Organisers Training

Many GMB members get active at their workplace; some hold official GMB positions such as Safety Representatives, Workplace Organisers and GMB Learning Representatives, whereas some just help in any way they can – taking the newsletter round their workplace or looking after a noticeboard for example.

GMB Training

The role of a GMB Workplace Organiser consists of promoting fairness at work, bargaining for better conditions, as well as helping to resolve problems, deal with difficulties that arise at work and tackling health and safety issues.

GMB is committed to ensuring that newly elected GMB Workplace Organisers receive their Initial Support Training (IST) and 2 day GMB@WORK training.GMB’s is committed to ensuring that newly elected Workplace Organisers receive their:

  • Initial Support Training (IST) within 4 weeks of their election and;
  • 2-Day GMB@WORK Training within 3 months of their election.

The 2-Day GMB@WORK Training is a mandatory course for all other GMB Safety, Learning, Environment and Equalities Representatives, and must be the first course they undertake. If you are a newly elected GMB Workplace Organiser and have not yet had your IST or your GMB@WORK New GMB Workplace Organiser Initial 2-day training then you need to email

The aim of the 2-Day GMB@WORK Training is:

  • To produce an increase in membership at each workplace represented on each course;
  • To mirror “on the job” training by involving GMB Officers more closely in the training and development process.

The course is not based on academic theories but uses the day-to-day experience and skills of Organiser Tutors who work in the field and the key principles of the GMB@WORK National Organising Strategy; meaning that all GMB Workplace Organisers receive training in the basic techniques they will need to grow GMB where they work. It puts achieving membership growth through effective recruitment and retention at the top of every GMB Workplace Organiser’s agenda.

GMB@WORK Consolidation Training

The objective of the GMB@WORK Consolidation course is to identify workplaces with low membership density and use the course to work with the existing GMB Workplace Organisers in that workplace to develop a plan on how they can grow GMB membership.The course is tailored to reflect the needs and skills of the existing GMB Workplace Organisers and each course will be evaluated by each GMB Region based on the membership growth achieved.

For this reason GMB@WORK Consolidation courses can only be organised by the GMB Officer responsible for that particular workplace, so unlike the Initial 2-day training, Workplace Organisers will not be able to apply to go on the Consolidation course as individual Workplace Organisers.

The location, timing, content, delivery and length of each GMB@WORK Consolidation course will be determined by the GMB Officer and the GMB Workplace Organisers involved. Once a course has been agreed and organised, all GMB Workplace Organisers will be expected to attend.

All GMB courses are free and you will normally be paid time off from your employer to attend – check with your GMB Officer first.